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39Basic Package - Includes

Normally priced at $55 dollars if you purchase seperately. This will allow you to save over 15 dollars. This is our most popular package.

Save over $15 dollars by purchasing our Basic Package
($20) Field Feed + All Day Compressed Air

Field Fee gives you the ability to play our multitude of fields. Each field has different aspects that make it unique. With your field fee comes access to unlimited amount of compressed air. Simply fill up as often as you would like.

($5) BT-4 Combat or Tippmann Custom 98 with 200 round loader

BT-4 Combat or Tippmann Custom 98 is your basic rental. It will provide with a a stable play platform that will provide approx 3-5 shots per second with an accuracy of 60-80 feet.

($5) 48ci 3000psi Steel Nitro Tank

At 48 cubic inches holding 3000psi of pressure this durable steel tank will provide you with approx 350-450 shots per fill.

($5) Fog-Resistant Goggle

These fog resistant goggles will help you see longer. While providing the adjustability to fit the smallest to the largest head comfortably.

($20) 500 Rounds of Paint

Typically 500 paints will last the average player 3-4 hours worth of paint. If you need more we will be happy to assist you with all your paint needs.

Numbers in red are regular retail pricing


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