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What Is Paintball?

Paintball is a game, just like high school football, hockey and soccer. Whereas both teams have a piece of "real estate" that is their "goal". In those traditional school sports, each team tried to get a ball or puck into a specific area within the other guys real estate, the "goal". All the while, trying to prevent the other team from doing the same thing.

The difference is that, in Paintball's traditional game of "Capture the Flag", both teams try to go and fetch a peice of fabric, just like you'd find a fabric store, in the center of the playing field area. The then try to hang it on their opponent's home base, but there's a twist. In the ball games like we teach in our schools, if another team's player has the ball or puck, it is expected that the opponents will physically tackle, check, or hook him in some way. The players would commit an act of violence that will bring the player to the ground, which is why they wear helmets, pads, and the like. In professional versions of those sports, the ambulances are kep running so they'll be warmed up and ready to transport the most aggressively tackled players. Conversely, in Paintball, the rules expressly prohibit players from touching one another WHATSOEVER! There is no physical contact allowed.

Instead, each player has a Paintball marker which propels paintballs, which splash on the opponent making a spray of color that can be seen by Referees, who then call the player OUT! Just like a baseball umpire does at base. Paintball shells are made of biodegradeable gelatin. They are exactly the same products as bath oil beads, like someone might buy for their wife during the holidays at a department store. However, instead of being filled with bath oils and fragrances, they are filled with brightly colored, non-toxi liquid that is very much like children's finger paints. They can easily be seen when splattered on a players outfit. When splashed that player is "out" and goes to the sidelines to wait for the start of the next game. His or he team continues on their quest to capture the flag, but with one less player, and so it goes until either all of the players on one team are out or one captures another team's flag and places it on their oppenent's home base before time runs out.

Who Can Play Paintball?

No matter how old, how big or how small, just about anyone can play paintball. You don't have to be a Rambo type to have fun at this game! Players come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.  Ten years old is the youngest that we can take for general admission.  However, if you have a little one that wants to experience what paintball is all about without worrying about having them playing with the big kids, be sure to contact our reservation department and ask for more information on our 50 call paintball markers.  We can cater to your child's age to insure that they have the same amount of fun as the big kids. If you enjoy having lots of fun and action, whether you are a man, woman, or child...then try paintball! Come to Hematomas Paintball and bring all of your friends for a fantastic day of spraying paint! There is an adventure for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Does It Hurt?

This is an excellent question! It ranges from the least examples, which might not be felt or noticed at all, up to the worst examples, which are similar to the "sting" you might feel when your little brother used to snap you on the leg with a rolled up wet towel. Most people find that the combination of loose clothing, the right protective gear, and the adrenaline surge from the pure fun of the game makes it a non-factor.

Does Paintball Encourage or Lead to Violence Among Young People?

No. It's common if someone has not yet tried playing paintball games to notice the paintball guns and wonder about that. But actually, it's been found that quite the opposite is true. Participation in paintball games tend to bring a tremendous feeling of stress relief. Many corporations in North America and Europe use paintball games as a team building exercise and stress relief outing. Also playing paintball tends to leave you physically drained and exhausted! You may leave quite hungry and tends to be as physically challenging as snowboarding, skiing, or even skateboarding. Paintball is great exercise!

Is Paintball Dangerous?

Since the use of safety equipment is strictly and absolutely enforced, paintball is statistically safer than badmitton, golf, or swimming. In fact, paintball is rated safer than most every high school sport. the most common injury is a twisted ankle, or the occasional bump or bruise.

What time should I arrive?

You should arrive approx 30 min prior to your scheduled playing time.

Do I have to fill out a waiver?

Yes.  Every person must fill our a waiver.  However here at Hematomas Paintball we use electronic waivers.  This allows you to be able to fill out a single waiver for and entire year.  An electronic waiver once filled out will be good until the following Calendar year starting with February 28th.


You can fill out the waiver online if you are over 18 years old.  Simply Click here


I'm under 18 years old i will have to download the wai

What should i wear?

Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.


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